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Vantec Hitachi Transport System (USA), Inc. offers some Smart Solutions to insuring your cargo.

When it comes to Cargo Insurance we have you covered and there are some important things you should know about insuring your shipments.

Why do I need to insure my cargo? It’s covered, right?

Not exactly. There is a limit to the liability the carrier has to pay no matter what your cargo is worth and that amount may not cover the cost to replace your cargo. This fact applies to international and domestic freight transportation.


I have not had any problems. So, I guess my cargo is at low risk.

In fact, carriers are not liable for loss or damage due to natural disasters. If a carrier claims General Average, you could be forced to share in the loss if you had cargo on that vessel. This event can be very expensive. If at any time cargo is thrown overboard during rough waters, General Average may be claimed. General Average can also be claimed if there is damage to the vessel or extra measures were taken to save the voyage.


I purchased my goods on CIF terms. Am I covered?

Not exactly. If you allow the shipper to cover the insurance, they are only required to meet the absolute minimum coverage and in most cases that coverage is only from port-to- port. Purchasing your own insurance policy allows you to control your coverage and the costs. For more information please contact us to request a competitive quote today.

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